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October 27, 2022

Breitbart: Heritage Action PAC Drops $1 Million on North Carolina Senate Race

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Sentinel Action Fund, the super PAC affiliated with Heritage Action, the political arm of the prominent conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, dropped $1 million on the North Carolina Senate race this week for television ads.

The television ad is running on broadcast television in the Charlotte market from October 22 to 28.

The ad features the brother of North Carolina State Trooper Sgt. Edward Lowry, who was killed in the line of duty in September 1997. He slammed Beasley, who was a judge from 2012 to 2020, for her decision to let a cop killer escape the death penalty.

VIOCE OVER: Cheri Beasley’s decision led to the killer escaping the death penalty.
LOWRY: She said the killer, quote, ‘was a good person.’ I have to live with Cheri Beasley’s decision every day of my life.
VIOCE OVER: In a crime wave, we can’t trust Cheri Beasley in Washington.

The PAC’s press release for the ad explained that the Tar Heel State “needs someone they can trust, like Ted Budd, to back the blue and hold Democrats accountable for their efforts to undermine our police.”

The PAC’s president, Jessica Anderson, said, “With Cheri Beasley’s record of being soft on crime and claims that a man who murdered a state trooper is a ‘good person,’ it is clear that North Carolinians can’t trust her in Washington.”

“North Carolina has been a serious victim of the Left’s defund the police movement, seeing major violent crime spikes at some of the highest rates in the country,” Anderson added.