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April 19, 2022

Fox News: Heritage Action launches new super PAC supporting GOP grassroots efforts in ramp up to 2022 midterm elections


"For over a decade, Heritage Action has built one of the largest national networks of grassroots conservatives, with over two million Americans advocating to turn conservative policies into law," Heritage Action executive president and Sentinel Action Fund president Jessica Anderson said. "Now, as the Left weaponizes the government against the American people across every sector of American life, new tactics are needed to win."

"That’s why the Sentinel Action Fund is launching: to be a Super PAC for the people," she continued. "Sentinel Action Fund will work with real Americans in their own communities to elect real conservative fighters to Congress who will never back down from the fight to preserve American greatness. This mission has never been more urgent."

The Sentinel Action Fund will aim to get conservative voters out for four key Senate races in New Hampshire, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona for the 2022 midterm elections. Additionally, the organization will be mobilizing voters in at least 12 House races in states across the country.

The PAC is primarily focused on "physical outreach," such as door-knocking, and messaging in each race will be tailored to key issues in specific states.