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July 13, 2022

Fox News: Sentinel Action Fund dropping $400k ad buy targeting Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly over gas prices

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The ad, titled "Mark Kelly - Out of Gas" and exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital, blasts the Arizona Democrat for his near-lockstep voting record in line with President Biden’s policy agenda and links it to the sky-high gas prices.

"November 2020: gas $2 a gallon. Joe Biden and Mark Kelly get elected," the narrator says. "Their first actions: put environmental radicals in every job affecting energy."

"Next, Biden stops new American oil production pushed banks to stop financing domestic energy, five American refineries forced to close, and, this summer, $5 a gallon," the ad continues.

Heritage Action’s cannon shot at Kelly is likely only the first one to be fired by the conservative group in this race, especially as things heat up after the primary is done.

Gas prices are expected to be an especially potent factor in the election.