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September 12, 2022

Politico: More Republican money flowing to Arizona’s Senate race

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Sentinel Action Fund, a super PAC associated with conservative issue group Heritage Action for America, will spend at least $5 million to boost Masters this fall, said Jessica Anderson, president of Sentinel Action Fund and executive director of Heritage Action, in an exclusive interview. Of that, $3.5 million will be on television ads, coupled with $1.5 million to fund voter outreach.

Sentinel Action Fund’s multi-million ad buy comes after the top Senate Republican spending group, Senate Leadership Fund, slashed its budget in Arizona, deciding instead to invest heavily in states more likely to result in a GOP win this fall.

“Arizona is the center of the fight for America’s soul,” Anderson said. “It is time for every corner of the conservative coalition to deploy every resource to win the Senate and show up to support our conservative candidates like Blake Masters.”

Anderson said the super PAC, which launched this spring, had always intended to spend money in Arizona’s Senate race, but they decided to jump in now after what Anderson called the recent “dustup” surrounding GOP funding for the race.

“We have felt a real shift with conservative voters wanting to support Masters, but seeing that the traditional GOP groups on the spending were moving in a different direction to other places in the country,” Anderson said.

She said the “heart and soul” of Sentinel Action are its grassroots members, who wanted the group to step up and boost Masters. Anderson said the group still believes there’s an opportunity to flip a Senate seat in the state President Joe Biden only narrowly won, and where its governor and state legislature are approving conservative measures, such as a school voucher program signed into law this summer.