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June 16, 2022

Sentinel Action Fund Endorses Nevada Conservatives Laxalt, Becker, and Peters; Announces Minimum $1 Million in Independent Spending

Today, the Sentinel Action Fund, an independent conservative Super PAC and partner organization of Heritage Action for America, announced endorsements of conservative Nevada candidates for the U.S. Senate and House: Adam Laxalt for Senate, April Becker for NV-03, and Sam Peters for NV-04.

In addition to its endorsement, SAF will be committing seven figures (at least $1 million) in independent spending across the races in the form of on-the-ground voter outreach and television ad buys supporting its endorsed conservative candidates in their general elections. Jessica Anderson, president of the Sentinel Action Fund, said:

"We are excited to announce that The Sentinel Action Fund is endorsing Adam Laxalt for Senate and Sam Peters and April Becker for House. All three candidates are serious conservative fighters who will take the fight to Congress and work tirelessly to champion the American people on all issues that matter to Americans.
Catherine Cortez Masto, Susie Lee, and Steven Horsford represent everything wrong with the far-Left agenda of the modern Democratic party. Americans are tired of seeing Biden and his Left-wing allies replay the Jimmy Carter years. Americans are tired of skyrocketing inflation, foreign policy failures, and anarchy in their streets. Americans are tired of the Swamp putting their interests last – they’re ready for a change, and they’re ready for candidates who will restore American greatness. That’s what these conservative candidates represent for both the Senate and the House."

The Sentinel Action Fund will spend at least $1 million in Nevada this cycle, primarily on voter outreach through a state-of-the-art ground game. SAF will work to turn out hundreds of thousands of voters through door-knocking, phone calls, and text messages from both full-time field staff and an expansive volunteer network. SAF will also use these 2022 efforts to build a long-term infrastructure on the ground to help ensure conservative victories for years to come.

RealClearPolitics exclusively previewed Sentinel Action Fund’s Nevada plans this morning: "Heritage Action Super PAC Endorses Laxalt, Pledges $1M for Nevada Races."