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April 30, 2024

The Federalist: Conservative Groups See ‘Fruits’ Of Pennsylvania Vote-By-Mail Campaign

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Last month, the Sentinel Action Fund, the Republican State Leadership Committee PAC, and the Keystone Renewal PAC announced the “historic” investment to put Republicans in a position to win in November by doing what Democrats have historically done so well: use voting by mail to harvest victory. 


Anderson said the GOTV campaign has brought into the fold some 40,000 low-propensity Republican voters who have joined the absentee voter list, according to their internal models of proprietary elections data. She also asserted that a total of 236,000 Republican voters had requested absentee ballots for the April 23 primary, an increase of more than 36,000 requests from the 2022 state primary.

“We’re pleased with the numbers from Tuesday. It shows really good momentum,” the super PAC president said. 

But she acknowledges there’s much to accomplish in the months ahead. Much of that work involves educating Pennsylvanians who don’t often vote about why their ballots are so important, and how convenient absentee voting and vote-by-mail are. Anderson said last week that an army of door knockers was expected to begin doing just that over the weekend.