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September 13, 2022

The Federalist: Heritage Action Steps Up In Arizona Senate Race After McConnell Pulls $8 Million From Masters

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An independent super PAC aligned with Heritage Action for America, the political arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation, is pumping money into the Arizona Senate race amid near-total abandonment by Republican leadership in this highly competitive race amid a currently 50-50 Senate.

“We wanted to be there from a conservative standpoint,” said Jessica Anderson, the president of the Sentinel Action Fund, highlighting the group’s spending in Arizona, and Masters in particular, as a “clarion call for the conservative movement to come and support this candidate.”

While the group has also announced efforts to get involved with pivotal Senate races in Nevada and Georgia, Anderson emphasized “$5 million is so far our largest single expenditure that we have planned.”

Anderson made clear during her interview with The Federalist that the seven-figure bid to bolster Masters in Arizona was not a response to McConnell’s decision to strip spending.

“[The] announcement today is a response to grassroots activists with the Sentinel,” Anderson said, emphasizing Arizona has always been on their map.

“I think we were created for moments like this when the party is divided on who to support. We can come in and support the conservative candidate who is going to come in and lead the state’s voters,” Anderson added.