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June 5, 2024

Sentinel Action Fund Endorses Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate in Montana, Launches Seven-Figure GOTV Initiative

WASHINGTON – Today, the Sentinel Action Fund endorsed Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate in Montana. Along with the endorsement, the Sentinel Action Fund announced a seven-figure investment and the launch of, a new initiative to educate Republican voters on how to request absentee ballots.

Jessica Anderson, President of the Sentinel Action Fund, released the following statement:

“The Montana Senate race will be one of the most important elections for Republicans to retake the Senate majority in 2024. The Sentinel Action Fund is thrilled to endorse Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate in Montana, and we are committed to using our robust election infrastructure and to turn out voters for Sheehy through absentee vote-by-mail, ballot harvesting, and ballot chasing. 

Jon Tester has failed Montanans, consistently voting in line with Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden while pretending to be a so-called ‘moderate.’ While in office, Tester has repeatedly voted against border security measures, even going so far as to vote against a measure to ban taxpayer dollars from being used to fly migrants into U.S. cities and towns. Tester has supported outrageous federal spending bills that created the inflation crisis leaving Montana families and businesses struggling. Tester also remains silent on the blatant Left-wing lawfare against President Trump and the weaponization of the federal government against ordinary citizens. Meanwhile, Tester has been a rubber stamp for the Left-wing activist judges that Biden is putting on our federal courts.

Montanans know Jon Tester does not represent them and their values, so they have taken the important step to nominate Republican Tim Sheehy. Sheehy is a trusted conservative champion who will fight for Montanans in Washington and support President Trump’s efforts to restore integrity in the courts and curtail the overreach of the federal bureaucracy. We look forward to his victory this November.”


  • As part of a new initiative to educate voters about how they can request absentee ballots, the Sentinel Action Fund launched, a website designed to give voters the tools and information they need to make their voices heard early.
  • The Sentinel Action Fund’s efforts will engage voters through a multichannel campaign, including door-to-door contact, texting, and digital ads.
  • Sentinel Action Fund Messaging Packet
  • The Sentinel Action Fund previously announced similar initiatives in Pennsylvania and Ohio, endorsing both Dave McCormick and Bernie Moreno for U.S. Senate.
  • The Sentinel Action Fund is the only conservative super PAC with a year-round ground game committed to turning out absentee, early vote, and "day of" voters.